Over 211 teams have taken part in the qualifying matches for World Cup 2022 and 29 teams have already been selected. A number of teams have a clear shot towards winning World Cup 2022 and taking home the cup. Some of the returning and qualified teams have won World Cup titles several consecutive times, making them among the most popular predictions for winners for World Cup 2022.


Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland and Cameroon have participated in the World Cup 51 times.


World Cup 2022 could be the first time that Scotland and England face each other in the World Cup.

teams have taken part in the World Cup qualifying matches.
This is the last World Cup to feature 32 teams
goals have been scored so far in World Cup 2022-related matches alone.
The teams have played over 800 matches for World Cup 2022.

2022 TEAMS

The current favourites for the titles have had a long history of qualifying – and winning – previous World Cup titles. Based just on their FIFA rankings and their current squad, the teams that are most likely to take home the World Cup are Belgium, Brazil, France, and Germany, who have won a World Cup match more than once. Spain is also considered a serious contender for the title, having reinvigorated their team with a host of new talent.

Brazil is currently the highest ranking contender for the win, with an unbeaten qualifying streak and a hungry, young team that is ready to add a sixth World Cup win to their rankings.

That said, World Cup matches are an excellent opportunity for surprise wins, and there are several contenders outside of the top-ranked teams that are worth a watch. Argentina, who won the Copa America, can surprise audiences with a win out of left field.

England has another good shot at the title after reaching the semis four years ago, and coming second in the European Championship. Additionally, England’s progress in previous games have shown a marked improvement making them one of the best surprise teams in World Cup 2022.

The Netherlands is also a likely contender for the title; while they’ve come close to winning a few times, their team is young and talented and ready to prove itself. World Cup 2022 is an excellent opportunity for the Netherlands to win the title for the first time in its history participating in World Cup 2022.

Denmark is another surprise contender for best team of World Cup 2022, with their qualifying matches netting them seven straight wins without a single goal missed. Although they had a minor problem with Christian Eriksen’s late-season illness, it is likely that he will be able to rejoin the team in time for World Cup 2022, and their hopes to win the title have continued without a hitch.


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Brazil, with five World Cup wins, is considered the highest contender for the World Cup 2022 title. It has a world-class team including some of the best and experienced players in football playing under the Brazil banner: Neymar, Alisson, and Vinicius Junior.

Argentina, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Uruguay have all won world cup titles before.

Brazil has won 5 World cup titles:
1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, and 2002.