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World Cup 2022 tournament is fast approaching and players will soon be streaming into the stadium to see who will be crowned the victor of World Cup 2022, it’s shaping up to be a fascinating competition for all of the teams involved.

210 teams are competing with 32 teams qualified. Over 769 matches have been played, with a total of 2207 goals scored, and more to come as the qualifiers play out and finish in March 2022.

Qatar 2022 will be the second World Cup held entirely in Asia and is the first World Cup to be held in the Middle East, with the added bonus that it is the last World Cup to involve 32 teams. For many football fans, this makes it an unmissable opportunity to see a historic match in the making.

Tickets are currently available, and hospitality packages can be purchased for an additional charge. Within 24 hours of the tickets going online, 1.2 million were requested, highlighting the fact that Qatar has become a lynchpin for football fanatics’ schedules for 2022.


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Taking place in November, rather than the standard summer months, to account for the summer heat, World Cup 2022 will kick off on the 20th of November, 2022, at the Al Bayt Stadium, one of the dedicated seven stadiums earmarked for the World Cup 2022.

The shift in schedule has also changed the dates of many important international football competitions, and the teams involved in World Cup 2022 are experiencing a higher-than-usual match and training schedule, which makes Qatar 2022 an interesting experience not just due to its location, but also due to how this shortened schedule and programme will affect the teams involved.

The current teams slated as victors of World Cup 2022 are France and Brazil, followed
shortly by the United Kingdom, Spain, and Italy.

The teams stand to win a total of $62 million in prize money, as well as additional funds
from sponsors and deals.


England’s national football team, the Three Lions, has been England’s representative in international football competitions since 1872 and will also represent England in the Qatar World Cup 2022.

Their qualification process was earmarked with a streak of wins, starting in March 2021 with a 5-0 match
against Albania, and in November 2021 with a 10-0 match against San Marino. 

In 2018, England made it all the way to the semi-finals before losing against Croatia. 2020 saw the Three
Lions come closer, with England reaching the finals in a game played on home soil before ultimately losing the
match to Italy in the penalties. It’s hopeful that this year will be the year that the Three Lions bring a 56-yearin-the-making victory to England. While their team has been noticeably controversial over the past few
games, the current players are young and talented and have a lot to prove, all winning combinations to create
an unmissable battle for the World Cup in 2022.

Their progress has been noticeably improved since the last Euro tournament, and they currently stand as the third
favourites to take home the 2022 World Cup trophy. Brazil and France are currently the favourites predicted to
take home the trophy for World Cup 2022.